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7 Days In!

Well here we are seven days into our journey.

7 Day Synopsis

Had an amazing launch from Presque Isle with the people we love, and the SWP summer crew shoving us off into our expedition. The first 7 days were all unique with the people we've met, the water we've paddled, and each day bringing its own challenges. The last seven days have been sunny with fog rolling in and out with offshore breezes. We have been outrunning thunderstorms, Island hopping and picking up an abundance of trash. From Marquette to Grand Marais the beautiful and sandy south shore has been littered with plastics, which we have stopped to pick up every visible piece, even throughout the National Park. Litter knows no boundaries and plastic doesn't break down. It's almost as if the lake spit it out. We stopped in Munising to meet with the Alger County Conservation District executive director Teri Grout, a cheery lady with a passion for the natural world. They have a lot of great endeavors for the summer, working with rivers and battling invasive species, a never ending battle. As we headed further east, the trees just started to bloom. The scenery changed to 200+ft sandstone cliffs, long stretches of beaches and breathtaking sand dunes. We encountered lots of rock fall and plenty of waterfalls that are flowing heavy from the melting snow still present on the lakeshore and cliff line. Pictured rocks is always a treat. Every day has been amazing and seven days has almost started to feel like one. As we made it to Grand Marias we have been greeted with open arms by the locals. We chatted with locals over coffee and attended the church potluck. We are as happy to be here as the people are. The south shore is full of friendly people and beautiful scenery. Here's to da UP!! Thank You JD from North Coast Paddle Boarding for the computer, and Bay Market for letting us hang!!


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