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Houston we are ready for take off!

Well, just less than two weeks before our launch! Are we ready? Am I excited? Couldn't be more excited! I'm having trouble sleeping at night. Up to this point has been quite the journey already planning, prepping, packing, and more planning. I can't quite explain my thanks in words for all the people that have been so supportive of our trip. It shows the Midwest heart, the passion for our Lakes, and the wild spirit that is right here in the Middle of America. Our friends and family (who probably think we're a little crazy) have been right behind us since day one. The sponsoring company reps have been super stoked and ready to back us 100%, well maybe just 50% off and a little marketing, but we are so thankful and love you guys too. And, of course huge thanks to any other supporters of our trip and clean water enthusiasts. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!! In the last week Buschy Boy graduated with honors in Digital Cinema from NMU, congrats Busch! So his skill will be put to the test and his first career of keeping his camera dry(ish) for 3 months will start very soon. Jared just finished up his senior year and his geographic research proposal for his degree capstone is written based around this trip. Not sure what that is... but its scientific!! Ask him about it! Karol has zipped up his school year and his job as a Sous Chef at "The Marq", a farm to plate restaurant in town. They hosted an amazing dinner with the Superior Watershed Partnership and Iron Fish Distillery, which we were very fortunate to be a part of. Finally, I finished up "The Kitchen" at Uncle Tom's house. In other words, it's all happening! We've got our food, gear, kayaks and paddles, and we can't wait to greet the water and the people of Lake Superior. And we are so very thankful for all of it!!!!



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