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One month till departure

Updated: May 8, 2018

Once again, we were hit by a lovely system that pushed its way from the mountains, down through the south and up through the great north of the Midwest and into Canada. In Marquette we estimated 18-24 inches of fresh snow in some areas, school was canceled Monday & Tuesday (4/16/18 & 4/17/18), we are taking full advantage of this crazy storm by finishing up on our semester and getting outside!

With one month away there is still a hand full of things we need to work out; one being food, gear is very important but not as important in consuming the proper daily nutrients and vitamins to keep up us going throughout the trip. Drew is finally making his way up to the Yoop to bring his Costco run full of lot of food he was bought at his local grocer. With the idea of buying dehydrated vegetables and beans still rambling in our heads, we need drew to make a final decision after all. One month is not much time at the end of the day, so we ask our selves, will we be ready?!!


Big Waves and Heavy Snow


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