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Onwards to Sandier Shores

It's hard to believe that it's already about halfway through August and we can almost see the end of our trip. We have been paddling for over two months now and have seen some incredible lakeshore and explored the communities that inhabit the lakeside. The water is finally warming to temperatures that are comfortable to swim in (wow) and soon enough we will, once again, be picking sand out of our food, hair, gear....well everything.

We are sitting in an apartment of good friends from Marquette in Duluth after we made the long haul down the Minnesotan shore. Now it's time to head east again in the final legs of the journey, back to Marquette, MI. We still have much to look forward to in these next few weeks. The Apostle Islands is another unique location on the Lake that will offer new sights, caves, and cliffs. Then we will be continuing back into our starting state of Michigan! There we will explore waterfalls and beaches through the Porupines State Park then up and over the exposed Keweenaw Peninsula. We have a lot to look forward too!

With that being said, we can see sandier days but we still have a ways to go and August on Superior is known to be quite unpredictable with the weather. Currently we are going through our hottest, calmest heat wave yet but that could change without warning. After a few months paddling though, we feel strong and optimistic with all that lies ahead. We look forward to seeing our friends and family back in Marquette soon enough!


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