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Still Frozen...

Updated: May 8, 2018

Enjoying what the lake currently has to offer.

So you might imagine that we have been training like crazy, out on the water everyday, practicing rolls, bench pressing our boats, & yadada. Well, you'd be partly correct. We have been out on the water, or more-so on top of the water, playing on the ice. Considering it's April now, the ice has got to be breaking up soon, so we're hoping at least.

Whether the weather is working out for us or not, we have been making some BIG moves! We have sponsors, gear, motivation, psych, and still not much money. It's just about a month away to the launch date, May 16th. We are beyond stoked about how far we've come (huge thanks to everyone who has supported us) and to get on the water (water, not ice)!

Keep checking in! Blog posts will be more consistent from here on out!



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