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The Future!

Well, Today we had a group of kids from Renaissance Public School Academy in Mt. Pleasant come up north to share to memories, talk about the Great Lakes, and in enjoy its beauties. Well, I can't say our hearts could get anymore full from the day spent with them. The energy they brought can really light up anyones day. For many of them it was there first time seeing Lake Superior and crossing the Mighty Mac. The got to see Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior all in one day, which the kids described them to their own unique beauty. Much like the kids, similar but very different in every essence of their character. We started our day together hiking Sugarloaf Mountain where we hiked, and they ran to the top of the lookout. It really did turn out to be a beautiful day, the north wind died down as the day progressed and the overcast sky turned clear. The kids are truly inspiring to us, they look at the world with such pure appreciation, and wonderment, always remembering to have fun, enjoy the small things, love everything and everyone! They were all so smart! And indeed the future is very bright. We soaked in the last lights of the day as the sun went down coloring the sky. We watched the water splash on the rocks as the swells rolled in, and the sunbeams danced on the water. Be Grateful, Be There, and Love, is what the kids reminded us so easily. We couldn't be more thankful for the time we spent with all of them. Thank You! Lisa, Dan, Ms.Z, Emily and especially the kids for making our day!!


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