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Wawa We-Wa

Wa-Za! The crew, minus Drew, made it to Wawa on Saturday (6/16) in beautiful Ontario, Canada, on the Northeast shore of Lake Superior. Since we left Sault Ste Marie a lot has happened. We have paddled a lot of miles (or even more kilometres), through many different types of geography, and have even adapted to using the 'washroom', not the 'restroom'.

Canada thus far has offered much larger terrain than we have seen along the South shore, that started with a rocky, cliffy point called Gros Cap, just north of the Soo. This section consisted of massive cliffs, say 70 meters, of beautiful rocks and pine trees. Behind the looming hills, was a massive field of wind turbines which, to many, have been considered and eye sore, but to us, it symbolised fresh air and a green movement. It also turned out to be a teaser of what's to come. After Gros Cap, we made our way to Batchawana Bay/Island where the shoreline flattened out and cottages filled the coast. The backdrop however was amazing with towering mountains in the distance that resembled mountains of the West. We paddled three long days of 30+ miles to avoid private property. We spent one night on Batchawana Island, where Karol awoke to a bear trudging through the shallow waters of the beach right in front of our tents! From his recollection, it was a small bear, on his nightly walk beneath the moon. Luckily, he wanted nothing to do with us. We continued paddling north, past the last of private property (finally), to where large boulders and rocky coasts started again. At this point we are tired from long days of paddling but so relieved to be back in the wilderness. Around each point lies a new playground of rocky outcrops, boulders hiding stealthily in the waters below, and mesmerising birds soaring above.

Most of our stretch north consisted of the Lake Superior Provincial Park that offered massive cliffs, unique underwater landscape, and a bit of solitude. We had great weather until Agawa River where we prepared for a large thunderstorm and high winds. The storm nailed us around 6 a.m. and with no warning. We had our party tent (a combination of our two tents that allowed easy access to each tent, for ultimate fun and comfort, and supposedly wind and rain proof) prepared on the beach so w could wait out the storm. Well, when the winds hit, the poles of the tents started to collapse and rain was coming in, in all directions. So we had to do the last thing we wanted to do that early, and get up, to move the tents behind some thick spruce trees that stood nearby. Now soaked and chilly, we waited out the storm in our muggy tents and played another never ending game of War, quite possibly the worst card game of all times. We had a break in the storm and proceeded to cook hash browns, eggs, and pancakes (suffering, I know) before the winds shifted and picked back up. It was a much needed rest day.

Next we continued north past some more amazing coastline to where we found our way in Naturally Superior Adventures (NSA - a lot cooler than the USA's NSA, Eh) of Michipicoten/Wawa, Ontario. They have allowed us to camp on their property and we've gotten to know just about all of their awesome guides. They have made us breakfast and kept us busy as we await a care package in the mail. It has been great chilling with everyone thus far, but our minds keep thinking of what's to come, because we are only a mere quarter of the way around the coast. Superior's North Shore has brought us to a whole new land that we couldn't have imagined existed just 160 miles north of us in Marquette and offered us solitude and serenity (as long as the flies aren't eating us) as we continue around our mighty inland sea.


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