The Superior Watershed Partnership is the largest non-profit organization in the Lake Superior region. The mission of the Superior Watershed Partnership is to protect and improve the natural resources of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the surrounding watershed. They use scientific studies to develop plans to create sustainable development, conserve the quality of the water that goes in and out of the Lakes, and much more. They also promote responsible individual and community actions that ensure a sustainable environment, encourage a sustainable economy, and help improve quality of life. They strive to make our watershed a better overall environment for future generations to come. For more detailed information on their projects like community pollution prevention, invasive species removal and prevention, water quality and stormwater management, climate change plans, energy alternatives and conservation, and much more, visit their website link below. 



We felt that SWP was the perfect fit for us since we are based in Marquette, MI and they are doing the most direct, hands-on work to improve the quality of the environment in the Northern Great Lakes region. So while SWP is doing the hard work of putting these improvement projects into action, we felt that we could do our part to help promote such an active organization. 

Above is a diagram that the Watershed Partnership constructed to visually communicate the territory they cover as a non-profit organization.

Green - The watershed that flows into Lake Superior

Red & Orange - The watershed flows into Lake Michigan

Purple - The watershed that flows into Lake Huron

White - The watershed that flows into the Mississippi River